△ A B O U T   A L I X X

  • Where are you from?

Alixx is a family-owned business that was born in France in 2009 and created by Parisian creator Alix de La Mensbruge. Few months later, she moved to Waterloo, Belgium, where she set up her first workshop. In 2014, she decided to expand the line to the USA and opened a new workshop in Miami, Florida. This location is now the only active one and supplies  all stockists around the world. 

  • Where are the products produced?

Alixx scented candles and reed diffusers are all handmade, meaning hand poured, assembled and packed in the Miami workshop.

  • Where are the raw materials coming from?

All our raw materials are carefully chosen in Europe and in the USA. Alixx is working closely with local suppliers to reduce its ecological footprint and support both European and American economies.

  • Where do the orders ship from?

All orders ship from our workshop in Miami, Florida. We ship within one (1) to three (3) business days via UPS Ground. Customers will receive a tracking number along with delivery estimate once the order their order is on its way. 

  • When will I receive my order?

Online orders do not ship on the weekend and holidays. Once the order is picked by a UPS driver in Miami, Florida, it takes one business day to ship to Florida addresses. Two business days for Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina destinations. Three business days to ship to other Southern states and the East coast.  Between three to four business days to ship to the Midwest and Central states. Finally, five business days are needed to deliver orders on the West coast.

If you have questions regarding your order, please contact hello@alixx.com. 

△ A B O U T   O U R   C A N D L E S

  • Do you have any burning instructions?

To fully enjoy your candle, we recommend you to let the wax melt all over the surface for the first time. The first use determines the life of your candle! Do not burn more than 4 to 5 hours. After each use, reposition the wicks if necessary. Do not put the candle on a surface sensitive to heat. Keep away from combustibles and windy areas. Never leave a candle unattended and keep out of the reach of children and pets. Never touch the vase when the wax is liquid and allow the glass to cool down before touching it.

  • What are your scents made of?

Alixx scents are created by a Master perfumer in the south of France, in the city of Grasse. They are elaborated to create unique experiences that represent Alixx atmosphere. Our scents are safe to human health and no harmful ingredient is used. Each scent is composed of 70% to 90% of essential oils. The creation is controlled by independent organizations and the ingredients have never been tested on animals.

  • Why are your vases so different from others?

Alixx vases are mouth-blown by artisans in Europe, where the human artistic way of creation has not been replaced by machines and where centuries of know-hows are transmitted from generation to generation. They are not coming from Asia where the quality is poorer. In addition, each glass is unique because the craftsmanship work creates slightly differences of colors and dimensions.

Please note that due to the artisan way of producing, the color and the size of our vases can be slightly different between the models and the pictures exhibited either online or in the press. These variations are not considered as defaults but a proof of the handmade work.

  • Can I reuse my vase?

Of course and this is one of the aims of our brand. Re-use your mouth-blown glass for other purposes, as a drinking glass for the smaller sizes, a flowers' jar, an orchid pot or for a fruit salad container. Be creative!

  • How can I remove the remaining wax?

Put the candle in the freezer for 2-3 hours and then, remove the remaining wax with spoon or butter knife. 

  • What kind of wax is Alixx using?

Alixx uses a vegetable-based wax for a clean burning. It is a composition of soy and palm oils, which allows the scents to be efficiently released. Our wax is colorless and odorless with a nice white looking appearance. Remember there is no wax more natural than another.

  • Why no wax is more natural than another?

Each kind of wax comes from natural resources. They are all non-toxic and biodegradable. A candle smoke is no more harmful than the smoke from a toaster. Our wax supplier is certified ISO9001, ISO14001, and member of the ICCA Responsible Care Initiative to improve health, safety and environmental performances. As a leader on the market, it uses modern technologies that allow getting emissions far below legal requirements.

  • What are your wicks made?

The wicks are made of the finest cotton from the U.S.

  • Are your packaging also carefully chosen?

Indeed, all our packaging are made with recycled cardboard from the U.S.

△ A B O U T   O U R D I F F U S E R S

  • How does the diffuser work?

Pour the fragrance oil in the glass container and put all the reed sticks inside. The sticks soak up the fragrance oil and disperse the scent into the air. It diffuses a constant scent until there is no more liquid. We advise you to flip the reed sticks every 7 days to prevent the oil from blocking the tiny holes in each reed.

  • How long does the diffuser last?

The diffuser lasts for about 4 months. The diffusers' scents are alcohol-free for a longer diffusion time.

  • Do you have any special instructions for the diffusers?

Please never leave a diffuser unattended and keep it out of the reach of children and pets. Do not drink the liquid scent and avoid contact of the liquid or the reeds with your eyes and skin. Remember that the liquid can stain.

  • Why are the glass & the refill sold separately?

We have always wanted to give the opportunity to the consumer to mix and match the colored glass with the fragrance oil of his/her choice. Plus, once you're done with your first diffuser, you don't need to purchase again a glass, you can just choose a refill, which is composed of the reed sticks and the fragrance oil.

  • Why have you chosen to include a diffuser in your collection?

The diffuser is an original complement to a scented candle that permanently diffuses the fragrance thanks to a liquid scent and natural reed sticks. For some people (a bit lazy), there is barely no need to take care of it since you don't need to light up or extinguish it.

  • Are the candles & diffusers' scents the similar?

Yes, they are exactly the same.