Alixx is a family business founded and named after French creator : Alix de La Mensbruge. Following her love for design and crafts, she created a brand through which she would share her passion for home décor using her artisanal values and expertise. She wanted to share the home styling of Maison à la Française with the world and spread the joy of living La Vie Parfumée TM .

In 2009, Alix established her first candle studio in Belgium - crossroads of European influences - in the basement of her home! In 2014, she expanded the line to the United States and opened a new workshop in Miami, Florida, where all the products are made by Alix and her family. In April  of 2018 we became part of Gifts With Meaning LLC, with a focus on building our French inspired artisanal range of products, and our marketing outreach to our expanding community of Alixx enthusiasts.

Alixx offers natural wax scented candles and diffusers in reusable mouth-blown glasses and handmade ceramics. We strive to share our love for home décor with all around us by offering timeless and conscious goods. We offer two unique collections of delicate natural fragrances crafted by a French Master perfumer from Grasse, France. With all raw materials made in Europe and the USA, we encourage artisanal work and support local production. We are also committed to integrating sustainability in our business and believe in environmental responsibility. We use the finest ingredients: European paraffin wax, premium natural fragrances and cotton wicks. 

With love, Famille Alixx