Diffuser Refill

Diffuser Refill


Item : only includes the refill, not the diffusing vase

Ingredients : 5 fl.oz bottle of liquid fragrance created by a French Master perfumer, 12 wooden reed sticks, alcohol free diffusing oil

🍃 l'Heure du Thé : tea leaves, citrus and basil

🐚 l'Air de la Mer : sea salt, lily and vanilla

🌲 Fève de Tonka : cedar, rose and sandalwood

🌊 Fleur de Lagoon : blue hyacinth, lotus blossom and water lily

🍂 Bois & Encens : cedar, incense and myrrh

🍁 Ambre : cedar, lemon and vanilla

🌸 Pivoine : peony, peach and rose

💐 Fleur d'Agrumes : citrus, jasmine and mandarin

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Shipping : within 1-3 business days from our workshop in Miami, FL

Instructions : never leave a diffuser unattended and keep out of the reach of children and pets. Do not drink the liquid scent. Avoid contact of the liquid or the reed sticks with eyes and skin. Remember that the liquid can stain.